Study Tips for Best Results

A student is always a student. Genius people are also student. Most of the students want to excel in school. However, in some school, there will always be a competition. This is because, there is a tight battle for the first grader. Of course, in order to top in school, there is a need for sacrifice. Seeing those who have topped in school, we can see that they have these personalities: Diligence, sacrifice, determination. 

Here are the study tips in order to achieve perfect score:

Listen carefully. The brain records 75 percent to the long term memory coming from the auditory nerve. Writing is just 25 percent. Copying is for refreshment, if the brain throws away data from long term memory. In fact, if you are listening at the same time writing, the brain can not register anything in the long term memory. All will go to the short term memory. If you are studying alone, read aloud for yourself to hear.

Go to Library. Read and read information about all the current topics you have. Read and read more is they only way you can go on advance learning because reading is the absolute proof that a student is do diligent studying.

Inquiry Research. While wondering in all the topics or anytime, there are some questions that suddenly pop out from the mind. List them down and make time to research on them. Or find questions for yourself and solve them.

Group Learning. This is very important. There is a great difference if we learn from each other.

Have some motivation. Actually, even if you are studying if you are not motivated, you will give up in the middle. There should be a factor as part of the motivation in order to persevere to pursue the dream. Perhaps your motivation is your family or come to think of your dream.

Do not cheat on yourself and other. Success can only be success if you know that you have been honest in everything. Students have to be honest in every achievement so that it can be a worth success.