The factors affecting the learning of another language and the main difficulties

It is now considered as a good thing if you know another language aside from your native language. It is because the communication now is worldwide. Even in the business sector, the rise of the need for a second language is demanded. It is because the world can now be connected to the internet. We can use applications that would translate a word in many languages. But still, the English is a language that is mostly learned. Here are some facts about learning another language.

In the infographic, you can find the nine factors that affect the learning of a foreign language. One of them is the time spent to learn it. Some can learn to understand the words but have difficulty in speaking or in writing. Others can learn how to read first before they can understand when spoken. That is why if they are given only a short period of time then they cannot learn the other side of it like this catering restaurant 餐飲. There is also the challenge when the language you are learning is different from your native language.

You can also read the main difficulties that are experienced by those who are learning a foreign language. One of it is that they are lacking in time to learn it fully. Another is that they do not know a native speaker they can practice with and listen to the words spoken. One more reason is that the shyness to speak the foreign language. You can experience this when you try to go for a tea in this restaurant. Foreigners love here the most click resources. So, for an alternative way, you can find suggestions to learn a new language faster.